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In 2021 a new planet was found, which is very similar to Earth. Maybe people can live there. An expedition was sent from 2 ships on a new planet. One ship crashed and fell into an unknown location.
 Your task is to find allied ships and explore the planet.
You are waiting for new adventures in this beautiful and insecure planet. Good luck!

Game Features:
- Beautiful 3D Graphics and Sounds
- Convenient gameplay
- Many interesting levels
- Many puzzles
- Dangerous bosses
- Enjoyable pastime in the game


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Is BD games associated with  the developer Mihai Morosanu because this game is also available via Steam under a different name  i.e. Vogue, The Explorer.

You can see it  via the following link and its being sold on Steam for $2.99 as opposed to $5 here.  Is this an asset flip, or is BD games Mihai Morosanu ?


Mihai morosanu he just took the project from the unity and uploaded it to Steam


Just grabbed this from giveawayoftheday. It seems to be a fun, casual, well done game. However, just as the prior comment, there is no invert Y option. Why is it that one can visit the comments for just about every Unity game and find that there are quite a few people who have played games with Y inverted and cannot switch on a whim? Why is this not a standard, supported option for Unity? It falls to each and every dev to implement something that should be standard.

Without invert Y I quickly get confused and wind up facing the wrong way, etc. as soon as a 'boss' is encountered. Takes away much of the enjoyment.

While not ideal, you can run the game through Steam, enable Xbox (or whatever controller you're using) configuration support in the controller options, then in the controller settings for the game there's options to invert analog axes.

This does not work for keyboard and mouse :( 

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But the mouse is not inverted.

However if you wish to play with inverted mouse, I believe there's a number of mouse inverter programs out there. I found this one, for example: https://superuser.com/questions/406502/how-can-i-reverse-mouse-movement-x-y-axis-system-wide-win-7-x64

EDIT: Sorry to say, I tried it and it only works on the desktop. Guess you'll have to keep googling for a solution. Presumably there's even a global setting for some Unity game config file to invert mouse controls.

Looks fun!  Any way to invert look controls?